The octagon terrace ‘Chaihthya maulawa’ update

We have started ‘Wata Maluwa ‘ the octagon terrace construction work as a part of the final phase of the ‘Chaithya’ construction which is planned to be completed by June this year. Below is a drawing of the planned terrace:

The ‘Wata Maluwa ‘ the octagon terrace area consists of 2500 square feet of space, as per the estimates one square feet will cost Rs. 800.00. If you would like to make a contribution towards this rare noble task please donate using this link.

Alternatively Contact us to find out how you can help.

Supply of books for 132 students

Thanks to our kind donors Mr. Nihal De Silva and his supporters (Earndi & Manjuala, Walter, Chandara, Isitha, Randy, Siri, Swinitha, Nilanthi and Biman) who arranged to supply exercise books and accessories including book bags to students attending Dhaham Pasala. Donating the costs for such materials has eased the burdens for the parents of these children, who want nothing more than to see their children have the same opportunities that many others take for granted each day.

Honey fencing wild elephants, would you like to join?

The villagers of Mahawelipura have long understood the harmony shared between themselves and the wildlife. It has never been uncommon for the wild elephants to scout the border of the village, searching for food and water. However, the boundaries are frequently being over stepped, resulting in dire consequences with the destruction of cropland and even housing.
We would like to develop a method to ensure the safety of the villagers in Mahawelipura from this threat received by wild elephants in the nearby jungles. We believe electric fencing to keep them at bay is cruel and harmful to the environment, and so have strived to find a more harmonic alternative. Hence, we will soon begin our next project to establish a beehive farm and form an experimental ‘honey fence’ around the farm, using bee hives to keep the wild elephants away, as elephants dislike bees. Not only do the bees act as a natural deterrant, but their honey can also be cultivated and sold as a form of income, especially in Sri Lanka where the organic food industry is booming. 
Are you interested to get involve in this exciting experimental project ? Please get in touch

Computer studies NVQ level support program

With the combination of temple facilities of the Dhaham Shala and the library program recently we have started providing basic computer education (NVQ level) to the children in the surrounding villages. Computer classes were conducted with minimum facilities with an examination held at the Vihara Dhaham shala hall. We are pleased to announce the students have achieved over 90% pass rate for this program. We encourage kind donors to donate computers to further enhance this facility.