Dhana Shala and Library

Multi purpose building – Dhana Shala (Alms hall), Library and computer study hall.

We have started building the Dhana Shala(Alms hall) with the aids received from the students of Royal Collage, Colombo. With their kind donations we have completed some of the structure of the building work as sown below.
Total estimated cost for this building is  Rs. 3.1 million,  some of this work has already been completed by funds received from the students of Royal college.  We are looking for more individuals/charities to complete this piece of work. Once completed we plan to use this facility as a Dhana shala as well as a library and study facility to students in the village.
We are pleased to announce with Ven. Somananda thero’s  request, Friends of Sri Lanka (UK) charity has kindly come forward to help and accommodate the cost of completion of some of the building work worth Rs. 3,80,000.


September 2019

Thanks to Friends of Sri Lanka charity,  we have started roof construction work by preparing timber for the roof.

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November 2019

We are pleased to announce Helasarana UK Charity has come forward to provide additional fundings required to complete this building work. We have purchased all wood and materials required to complete the roof structure from the funds received so far.

February 2020

The roof construction work is planned to start 3rd week of February, thanks to Helasarana charity .

24th of February 2020
We are pleased to announce, the roof construction work started according to an auspicious time on 17th of February. The panned work had been delayed due to heavy rain experienced in Kantale area over the last couple of months. This construction work is funded by the kind donations received from the Helasarana U.K. charity.  


Soon after completion of the building work, the plans are underway to move the mini library temporarily setup at Dhaham shala building  to this building to provide more support and to improve children’s reading abilities and education in the area.

We plan to provide the students of Mahawelipura and surrounding area with essential educational reference materials and books. Multi purpose Dhana Shala building will also be used as a computer facility equipped with five computers with internet access and a study space for the students as most of them lack such facilities in their homes.

We welcome your support by providing books (story and educational) or necessary funds for the establishment of this  project.

January 2021

Building work continues despite Covid-19.