Mini Library

We are in the process of establishing a small library which will provide valuable reading for the children in Mahaweli Pura village.
This is to provide support to improve children’s reading abilities and education in the area. We welcome your support by providing books (story and educational) or necessary funds for the establishment of this  project. We plan to provide the students of Mahawelipura and surrounding area with essential educational reference materials and books. The planned Mini library will be established on the premises of  Dhana Shala (currently setup at Dhaham shala building as a temporary measure).  Dhana Shala will also be used as a computer facility equipped with five computers with internet access and a study space  for the students as most of them lack such facilities in their homes.


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UK Children encouraging others to join fund raising at their Birthday Parties

UK children from some Buddhist Sunday schools (Dhaham pasal) started a new method of fund raising for the proposed mini library project at Mahawelipura. This is based on an idea of Ysangi Siriwardana aged fifteen who started off raising funds at their birthday parties by asking guests to donate for the library project instead of giving birthday presents. This new concept of fund raising is gaining popularity among fellow students and the first donation of fund raising money worth Rs. 30,000 has been donated to this project recently by these students.

Watch Yasangi’s speach here.

Fund raising at Birthday

Exercise books and other accessories donation 

January 2020

We are thankful to our kind donors from Australia for extending support for the setup of this facility.  We still require further fundings (Rs. 250,000) to complete the library facilities and stock basic educational reference materials and books.

Thanks to our kind donors Mr. Nihal De Silva and his supporters – (Earndi & Manjuala, Walter, Chandara, Isitha, Randy, Siri, Swinitha, Nilanthi and Biman) who arranged to supply exercise books and accessories including book bags to students attending Dhaham Pasala. Donating the costs for such materials has eased the burdens for the parents of these children, who want nothing more than to see their children have the same opportunities that many others take for granted each day.

Please contact Mrs. Anoma Abeyrathna on +44 7940 247979 for further information on library books donations and education related matters.

For your kind donations please visit our donation page.