Plans are underway to replant trees essential for the village eco system and to aid agriculture and reforestation. For the first phase we are making preparations for planting 500 trees, mainly consisting of:

  • ‘Mee’ – Madhuca longifolia (aids eco friendly fertilisation of agricultural land). Historically, destroying these trees was prohibited by many ancient kings in Sri Lanka, as our ancestors understood the importance of this tree for eco friendly farming.
  • ‘Kumbuk’ – Terminalia arjuna (whose roots have the ability to purify water, aids water retention and can also be used as timber).
  • ‘Gas Penela’ – Sapindus trifoliata (the flower of this plant offers plenty of honey for the bees, and its nut can be used as a natural soap).

Thanks to the Mahaweli Authority we have received the first delivery of following plants:

  • Mee x 100
  • Kumbuk x 100

January 2020

Adding to our fruit trees plantation effort, thanks to Mr. Preethi Kolonnage, Mrs. Ira Mediwake and Mr. Gamini Amarasekara on behalf of Buddhist Village Trust fo Sri Lanka (BVTS), we have received the following plants:

  • Coconut x 93
  • Graviola (soursop) (‘Katu Anoda’)- x 93
  • Pomegranate (‘Delum’)- x 93
  • Mango x 63

Our aim is to promote plantation of fruits with remarkable health benefits, such as the Soursop which has been proven to have anti cancerous properties. Coconut and pomegranate fruits also have many health benefits.

  • Plantation of Bee and Kumbuk trees
  • Mango

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