Story of the village tractor

Village tractor in opertaion

The tractor shown in this picture has been purchased for the benefit of the poor farmers on a loan by Ven. Somananda.
He earns a little salary by teaching at the Piriwena (monestary). Having used the majority of his little salary towards buying this tractor,
Ven. Somananda often went days without even having enough means to organise food for his dhana. The tractor is now used in the village for paddy field preparation and ploughing. It has been used to prepare 28 paddy fields during this season alone.
With our donors support, Ven. Somananda’s aim is to provide help for the villagers for farming and to provide education facilities to the students in the village.
In line with Ven. Somananda vision and the ancient concept of ‘Gamai Pansalai’, we are so proud to be a part of helping build this village.

Please get in touch with us if you too would like to be a part of this project.

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